Piedras International | Factory representative for exclusive stones
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About Piedras International


For over 20 years, Piedras International, has been a factory representative and distributor for U.S., Central and South America and The Caribbean of exclusive natural stones, marble, limestone, onyx, coral stone and granite, imported from Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Israel and the Dominican Republic.


Our 5,000 sq. ft. showroom displays a variety of specialty stones that can be tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer. As a factory representative, Piedras is able to offer very competitive prices and ensures quality control.


We are pleased to offer complete service for interiors, exteriors, and cladding for any residential and commercial job and customarily work closely with Architects, Contractors, and Interior Designers to ensure our customers are satisfied with the final product.  Our products have been used in the largest houses that have been built in South Florida.


You are always welcome in our showroom, where you will appreciate the variety of our high-end products and we can show you that our creativity has no limits when it comes to natural stones.



We believe that luxury is combining the ultimate in design, quality, and service. That, of course, starts with working with talented minds in the industry. We invite you to review the projects we have completed, showing our finished product evolved from mesmerizing architectural design.

In Projects

Monastery Syon Abbey

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One Arvida Residence

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Private Residence Gables Estate

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Pine Drive Residence

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5717 Sw 8th St
West Miami, FL 33144

(305) 260-5551


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